Featuring complete ICP-OES and ICP-MS suite certification
We use the term ‘SuperCRM®’ for any OREAS CRM containing full ICP-OES and MS elemental suite certification for at least two different analytical methodologies. With up to 179 analytes characterised in a single SuperCRM®, they are ideally suited as a control for alteration mapping, pathfinder elements and other ICP applications.
Our current range of SuperCRMs® cover the following mineralisation styles: Blank/lithogeochem/low-level, ores of Au, Au-Ag, Au-Cu, Cu, Ni-sulphide, U, Zn-Pb-Ag, Li, REE, PGE, Ni-Cu-PGE, Fe, W and spodumene concentrate. 
  • 4–acid digestion (up to 49 elements)
  • aqua regia digestion (up to 44 elements)
  • fusion – borate and peroxide (up to 44 elements)
  • borate fusion XRF majors and traces (up to 22 elements)
  • infra–red combustion furnace (C and S), Loss On Ignition
 With over 120 SuperCRMs® available from our range of over 240 OREAS® CRMs, there is every chance of a close match to the matrix of your field samples.

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