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1.04% Sn + 242ppm Bi + 1466ppm Cu (smectite clay) OREAS 142 - 10g

CAD$3.90 each

OREAS 142 is a high grade Sn oxide ore certified reference material (CRM) prepared by Ore Research & Exploration. The material was sourced from the Doradilla Project located in north central NSW. The project area consists of a large Sn laterite deposit underlain by Sn silicate skarn with potential for copper, nickel, indium and zinc mineralisation. The skarn horizon has a strike length of 16km with zones of oxide, supergene and primary Sn mineralization. Compositionally OREAS 142 is dominated by smectite clay with minor quartz, kaolin and goethite. Sn mineralization occurs as varlamoffite [(Sn,Fe)(O,OH)2] with some relict cassiterite. OREAS 142 is one of three tin CRMs prepared from oxide material and characterised for Ag, As, Bi, Cu, In, Mo, Pb, Zn and Sn.
CRM Code Principle Certified Values State Matrix Mineralization
OREAS 142 Sn 1.04% Bi 242ppm Cu 1466ppm oxide smectite clay skarn

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