396ppm U + 37.1ppm Th + 789ppm La (granitic/hematitic breccia) OREAS 101b - 10g

CAD$5.00 each

OREAS 101b is one of four CRM's prepared by Ore Research & Exploration Pty Ltd from material from the Proterozoic Mt. Gee uranium prospect, Mount Painter Inlier, South Australia. The mineralisation at Mt. Gee lies within the Paralana Mineral System, host to a number of granitic and haematitic breccia bodies extending northeasterly over a distance of 11km. Mt. Gee is believed to be of hydrothermal origin and has been described as an IOCG variant. 

CRM Code Principle Certified Values State Matrix Mineralization
OREAS 101b U 396ppm Th 37.1ppm La 789ppm primary granitic/hematitic breccia hydrothermal IOCG variant

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